Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Makeover for a Small Space

I'm still alive! This past month has been crazy which explains my lack of posts! I've been working on various little projects here and there while also trying to wrap up my bedroom and dining room and reveal the beautiful spaces I've created. Just a few more details and I promise it will be finished before the end of August. 

The space here is 4' by 10' (give or take);small space for a 10 year old girl. MGSimpleStyle design philosophies; just because the space is small doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Use what you have and get the most out of your budget. My budget was $50. It doesn't sound like much but it was enough to make the most out of this space, giving it some character and organization.

Before photo of the cluttered book shelf
Simple organization of books. I love book shelves because you can neatly organize your books while still having plenty of space to display accessories. 
Before photo of sleeping area

 A few things that helped stick to our $50 budget:

This homemade headboard cost me less than $10! How?!
2 yards of fabric $6.50
Used canvas from SCRAP $2.00
Leftover batting from previous headboard project FREE
All you need is a staple gun and a firm grip and there you have it!
We personalized the space with DIY artwork. These 5 x 7 frames came in a set of 3 and were only $7! We used stylish lettering created in Paint to fill these frames. Print on photo paper for better color quality and exact photo size and you have a colorful personalized name framed art
Before dresser and bed area


The 3 drawer plastic organizer ($15) and the organizing bin ($5) help hide hair and miscellaneous accessories. A combo magnet and cork board for fun postings and pinning messages ($6) and a three-tier hanging file folder  ($10) help maintain important papers.

The heart shaped picture collage was another fun addition to this preteen space. My inspiration comes from designer Emily Mughannam of Em Design Interiors. I had the pleasure of seeing this collage in her Teen Hangout showcase in person when I went to the  2012 SF Decorator Show back in April. 
This was the solution to filling the bedside wall. There are always photos to be shared for viewing and this is just another creative way to show them off.

So you see, having a small space does not mean it should be neglected. This dimly lit space was given pops of color and bold pattern as any space would. This low budget space design was a the cheapest fix I've done so far and the quickest. To help you stick to that low budget, do your research and utilize your local art resources and incorporate your existing personal items with the new.
As always I hope I've inspired you to give that little space in your home some well deserved attention, or a simple upgrade.