Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Penny Tile

For those who view my blog, I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU and also say sorry for not being consistent with my posts these last few days. I’ve been victim of a bug that’s been going around which lead to me being a complete couch potato. But that was the best part of being sick! You see, our house only has one TV with cable and my hubby and I constantly have our TV show battles. We tolerate each others preferred TV shows to avoid endless bickering. Although our “neutral” TV shows are good for the mean time, most of the time I prefer watching HGTV, The Food Network, E, TLC, and whatever network there is showcasing style, fashion, and food. I must admit most of the TV shows on these networks are my guilty pleasure. So back to being sick, home alone and getting our lovely couch all to myself wasn’t so bad. Despite the achy body, nausea, and lack of appetite, I enjoyed my 2 little days off flipping back and forth between my fav channels and today’s post is a result of that. After watching back to back episodes of Dear Genevieve I discovered my interest for penny tile. On this particular episode a young couple wanted to update their dated kitchen for a modern one but maintain its vintage character to pay homage to his Nana. During the selection process Genevieve showed the homeowners penny tile to use as the kitchen backsplash. [penny tile are porcelain rounds which were commonly used in the early 20th century but fell out of favor after World War II (] Choosing penny tile as a backsplash was a great way to maintain its vintage character. After seeing the finished results I would gladly use penny tiles in any upcoming projects. Watch the episode and let me know if you think penny tile can be a universal design; modern or vintage.

I absolutely loved how the kitchen turned out! She even tied in traditional cabinet knobs to add to the classic flair. Here are few other designs using penny tile. With the right touch of style and design, traditional doesn’t have to mean old and outdated, rather it can be seen as a hip new way to compliment your space.

Take a look this floor! They actually used pennies! This is in the restaurant at the Standard Hotel in New York. How unique. I wonder how long it took to collect that many pennies?!
You can find penny tile in just about any color. I particularly love the ones with a outer lining like the ones above. It’s so original and gives it a finished look.

I mentioned Genevieve used traditional cabinet knobs. Here are few I think would be great compliment to penny tile.
Genevieve used traditional knobs like this from the episode. I love the solid milk color. If your tired of nickel or metal, try this classic look.
If you like your things to match, here a knob that matches perfectly with penny tile! 
More traditional knobs. Love the pastel colors! I think they would go great with dark wood cabinets. 

Adding splashes of traditional features like penny tile and traditional knobs to sleek kitchen or bathroom cabinets will help keep that classic character to a home. It’s an easy and simple solution for a facelift. You can probably find traditional knobs at your local thrift store or salvage store. And of course it’s even better if they exist in your home. Just a quick clean will make you appreciate what you once thought was outdated. These two traditional items will without a doubt be added to my book of design schemes. ~MG

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