About MG


I’ve been an interior décor enthusiast since I was a little girl and since then have developed a design philosophy and décor style of my own. My early recollection of having the interior design bug was having sleepless nights due to never ending ideas about how I can redesign my room.  
My style..is..well {simple} hence the name of my blog; a polished casual look and most importantly, comfort. I focus on budget friendly décor favoring furniture and accessories that have been rekindled; mixing old pieces with the new. My inspiration comes from numerous places; from my own low budget experiences which in my opinion bring out the best creativity, to being a military wife and experiencing various living arrangements.

I'm a mother of one vibrant little lady and wife to the most amazingly supportive husband. When I'm not tending to the eccentric daily activities that surround me I delve into the world of interior design obsessing over any aesthetically pleasing thing or place there is and share my favorites.
With a bit of humor and my obvious mediocre writing skills, I share with you my personal slash professional blog of my past, present, and future projects along with sharing tips and ideas for budget friendly home décor.

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