Monday, August 27, 2012

Fabulous Blog Find! Switcheroom

A few months ago I stumbled upon a fantastic blog called  SWITCHEROOm. The master behind the beautiful and affordable designs is Elle Uy, who very much like me has dabbled in various work experiences but always reverted back to her passion for interior design. I am so drawn to her use of bold colors and patterns in furniture and accessories and after endlessly looking at her work, her designs leave me with such a deep appreciation for her work. 
One of my favorite of her projects is the Shoe Closet. I love how the shoes are the focal point of this design.  I sure would be happy to have this for myself where I can see all my shoes and accessories in plain sight; it would make me feel like I'm in a shoe store.

all photos via
Check out more of Elle's designs here. Her fabulously fun design style is so awe inspiring and will make you want to get her in your house immediately {this can be very possible if you are located in Metro Manila Philippines}

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cozy Zen

I just came back from a yoga retreat and in the past few months have really honed in on Zen Buddhism; this sparked my interested in Zen decor. Mind you Zen is minimal. It's the calming surrounding that allows you to be free of distractions, including interior decor. Now, this doesn't mean it has to be boring. This recent yoga retreat was for the most part, cute, but our room wasn't very thrilling to me; it's like they threw some left over country furniture and got a killer deal on all white bedding. Yes I know it shouldn't be about that especially when people are trying to relax but hey I'm an interior design enthusiast..there is no OFF button in my head when it comes to interior decor. What I did turn off was my phone (most of the time) therefore no pictures from my relaxing retreat. I did come across some very pretty photos of Zen interiors to help you see how you can still have a stylish Zen theme while still maintaining the calming vibe in the space.
source unknown

So you see, Zen does not have to mean plain and it certainly doesn't mean it has to be minimal to a point where you have a bed, a drawer, and a lamp. Maybe if you are a practicing monk, then yes this would be appropriate. But for those looking for a new design theme you can pull Zen inspiration from the roots of Asian culture such as the vibrant colors in textile patterns, or the bi-lateral symmetry used in architecture. The key is keeping the decor mild and organized so that in the end you are left with a pristine space feeling calm and relaxed.