Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Campaign Dressers

It's been too long my friends and has been quite the month..I could slap myself for thinking I had a busy schedule from my previous job; my new position is insane to where I can't even view my blog! No Bueno! I'm excited to share these pretty campaign dressers I mentioned from my previous post.

At first glance these dressers may look unsightly; with it's dated wood panel finish and rusty metal detailing. But look again; those wood panels are easy to rough up for painting and the rusty detailing can be cleaned looking shiny as ever! Take a look at these beauties..It can be the perfect piece to add in that empty space in your home.
via krrb.com

You may come across one that is in good enough condition to be left alone. This looks like the natural wood finish was untouched. But look how pretty once its all dressed up with accessories. Looks like the right foot needed some replacing but the mismatched look adds more character to the piece..I likes!

I love this blue finish! Check out the full DIY tutorial from innovativeinterior.blogspot.com showing a great before & after photo..

The best thing about these campaign dressers is that it will look great no matter what color you decide to paint it! If you just so happen to eye one of these at a thrift shop or flea market, snag it and dress it up! It will surely add style to your home.