Saturday, December 29, 2012

Color of the Day: Royal Blue

There is something so rich and sophisticated yet at the same time soothing and subtle when it comes to the darker side of the color blue. Royal blue adds a touch of cool elegance to a space. It's an uncommon color different enough to add interest in your home and captivate visitors.

One of my favorite color combos is orange and blue. This home office is simply gorgeous to look at. There is a lot of pattern going on with the graphic wallpaper and curtains, but the solid deep blue chairs ground the space making it visually pleasing. The velvety accent chairs are so elegant yet simple and I love how the wood lining sloped down the arms pull in the warm curtain colors. One important detail, the orange box on the desk, finishes off the look of the space. Brilliant! I wouldn't mind being stuck at work if this was my office.

There is something so complimentary about this subway tile to the cabinetry that gives it the perfect pristine look. I love it! 

For the weary, I always recommend trying new accent colors with disposable pieces. Even though this tufted headboard may have cost you a pretty penny, it beats the painstaking prime and paint job you will endure when you decide its time for a new color scheme.

Royal blue door. A simple start.
Perfect accent chair. I think no matter what color the theme in your home, this royal blue chair will add charm to your space. via

Or if you are just too scared to go with a big change, try this baby step. The easiest color test for your home and taking part in this falls color trend.

Extreme or subtle, royal blue is a beautifully enticing color perfect to use no matter what time of the year. I hope I've inspired your 2013 color scheme! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Target: Affordable Designer Decor

Hello my lovelies. Happy Holidays! I made yet another trip to my favorite store, Target. I discovered so many fabulous designer finds that are within that lovely BUDGET of ours. I'm a sucker for decor and today I paid extra close attention to the beautiful home accessories. 

I've been eyeballing the designs of Nate Berkus for a while now. With my crazy schedule I have not been able to stop and stalk these eye catching pieces. My first thought when I saw this collection was that it has the same edgy look as one of my favorite designers Kelly Wearstler

Love these vases!

Tortoise Shells! Mix any one of these for a great addition to a wall gallery or let it be the solo star of the room. Only $39.99!

Next, we have the very chic Nieman Marcus Collection....

Glamify your bar with this designer set..

Philip Crangi Frame $49.99
Diane von Furstenberg Jewelry Box $49.99
Philip Crangi Trinket Box $69.99

One last final snap shot of some very chic Christmas decor. Target has really improved their interior decor selection. Collaborating with big name designers truly makes it affordable for everyone to obtain that stylish chic home. Take advantage of the bargains Target has to offer as their designer home decor is for a limited time only!