Tuesday, April 24, 2012

alouette gentille alouette

This is one my favorite commercials and I wanted to share because it has a perfect display of fashion and home design. I first saw this during Super Bowl weekend and very rarely has it come on since then..until the other night. I love the creativity of this commercial and Target did a great job of advertising their fabulous line of home decor and fashion style. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paper Wall Collage

Greetings my MGSimpleStyle readers! It's a gorgeous day here in the Bay.

Here is a fun find I wanted to share. This here is a clever way to display a collection of art flyer's from various venues. My cousin is the creator of this fab wall collage clustering favorite flyer's and mixing in handwritten post it notes, which I think adds a great personal touch to her display. An Academy of Art student, my cousin naturally has easy access to multiple art flyer's. You can start your collection just as easy. Visit any metropolitan city and you'll be sure to find someone handing out some type of promotion flyer, or walk in to any art gallery where you'll most likely find a welcome area promoting other art galleries.
Up close and personal the graphics are unique images of high quality grade and is a great artistic addition in any space. Plus the original work will take your guests by surprise. Here are just a few that definitely had me hooked and interested.

I just love the imperfect shape of this heart; an unexpected find amongst the daring images.

The best thing about art flyer's is that they're free. Once your collection starts piling up choose from your favorites and create a collage of your own. Its the easiest, affordable, and simplest way to add an interesting focal point in the room.~MG

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perfect Personalization: Fashion Forward Room

Happy Saturday! I woke up way too early this morning and after the failed attempt of trying to go back to sleep I decided to catch up and explore design blogs. I'm glad I did because I found an A-mazing room featured in one of my favorite blogs, achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.com. Check out this ultimate girly girl room. 
A well decorated space should encompass personality and in this room its obvious that a fashion forward individual lives here. The pieces chosen in this room define this
{sophisticated chic} space.

I love how all things Fashion are used in this room. Why not use shoes as bookends! Not only do they highlight the stylish pair but they also hold books in place. BRILLIANT!

Beautiful fashion accessories are perfectly combined in this room making it easy to look at and keeps you interested. This room is a great example of making a space YOURS.~MG

Friday, April 13, 2012

Joyus Home Launch Party with HD Buttercup

A two week delay in posting about this but you know what they say, it's better late than never!  
I had the pleasure of attending the celebration of the first Viewers Choice Challenge event hosted by Joyus and H.D. Buttercup thanks to my fellow design enthusiast, Fleur De Oui. If you haven't heard about this, home and lifestyle expert Kelley Moore and design guru/HGTV winner of Design Star Kim Myles team up at H.D. Buttercup shopping for pieces for top interior design bloggers to do a room makeover. The seven top bloggers from around the world are Apartment 34Courtney Out LoudRadiant RepublicSimplified BeeSimply GroveThe Adventures of Tartanscot, and The Decorista. Overall, I think each designer did a great job and although I wasn't able to meet any bloggers while at the event I was able to see the furniture used for the room makeovers up close and personal along with the rest of the spectacular furniture designs. The experience was yet another visual tantalizer with each design room taking my breath away. (my apologies for the blurred photos..I forgot my actual camera and relied on my two wacky phones that both had 20% remaining battery life..UGH!)

The entrance. I've seen this life sized twig horse before and was just as impressed with its size and well crafted design as the first time I laid eyes on it.
From the moment I walked into the showroom, I was in complete awe. I aimlessly wandered around taking snapshots of the pieces I found most intriguing paying most attention to masculine designs, unique and interesting pieces and comfortable couches...
This drafting table is gorgeous! The legs have a traditional, yet unique style.
I love armless chairs for its sleek look. These tufted ones are a great masculine style and a perfect fit for a bachelor pad.
 Shelves with an industrial look. More furniture for the "man cave"
I kicked myself for not having my camera when I walked into this room. This specific design room was catered for masculinity. I wish the clarity of this photo was greater but I hope you can recognize the designs well enough to see that fantastic shelving unit that covers the wall. This whole room was awe inspiring and maybe validated my love for masculine interior decor.
Just had to snap a photo of this miniature arm chair for a little bachelor in training..
A wing chair made for a KING! Sit this next to the miniature armchair and it will look like a mini cooper next to a Chevy Tahoe on monster wheels! Yes this chair could fit three of me! I love seeing things that are smaller or bigger than your average size..and this was no average sized wing chair!
Another larger than life piece! This drawer chest was almost as tall as me! No lack of storage here.
I love the mix matched style of this couch. The unexpected combination of patterns seem to work for me and I can totally see this settled into a modern day loft.

Another blurry vision of my favorite find UGH! Ghost chair with plush cushions. The beautiful shade of blue pops perfectly from the clear design.
Onto comfortable couches..Yes I sat on everyone that called my name. If there is one piece of furniture you need to take your time choosing it's a couch. There is nothing more cozy than winding down from a stressful day snuggling into a soft plush couch! And I personally like the larger couches; better for snuggling and seating.
 Lovely L-shaped couch.
I love the depth of this couch. Another great snuggle station. What's great about it is the base design is neutral and you can switch out the pillows for an easy change.
This chaise lounge screams femininity! From the curvy design to its velvety material, it's made for a diva fashionista! I can see a flapper lounging on this fanning herself with peacock feathers.
 Petite couch and coffee table perfect for a small living space.
This tufted armless love seat is perfect to place at the end of your bed or act as a settee. Can you tell I am attracted to the tufted pieces?! There is just something about this design detail that just draws me in.
A room full of inlay. This room reminded me of a treasure trove full of bedazzling pieces. The craftsmanship of these are just beautiful and can instantly beatify a space.
 Spoon chandelier. Simply interesting!
WOW! is all I could say when I walked into the British/Canadian room. What a statement this makes and surprisingly enough, I love it! Not only does this have the qualities I need in a couch but that British flag design calls for a completely unexpected design in which I would love to see peoples reaction when they walk into my house and see the British Pride couch living in my home. I have never seen a flag couch.
A beautiful turquoise chandelier makes for a great focal point in your living room.
I saved the best for last! The color and pattern design on these chairs are striking.  They can be placed at the ends of a dining room table or additional seating area in a living room. The overall style is by far my favorite uniquely designed find.

There is nothing like walking into a showroom filled with unique designs that are far from your average retail stores. Walking into H.D. Buttercup gave me more style ideas and most importantly, inspiration. It was so much fun attending this event and will be the first of many I plan on attending.~MG

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

A double post for Easter. Just wanted to give you a quick share on easy no hassle Easter decor.
My favorite display is the Easter tree. Weather you DIY or purchase one, it's the the easiest decoration to put together and the easiest to put away. These are just a few of my favorites. 
Can't have Easter without the iconic EGG. Here are a few far from your average dyed eggs.
These fancy decorated eggs will make a great center piece for Easter day. Now back to Easter fun. Enjoy your day everyone~MG

Affordable Decor

Hello and Happy Easter! I have a few photos to share from visits to some of my favorite retail stores. I also want to highlight my appreciation for visual merchandising. I'm sure my fellow design enthusiasts take a snap shot or two when faced with beautiful displays or beautiful pieces of furniture.
First, a random walk-in to Beverly's, the craft and fabric store, and home accessories! One can easily pass this store up not thinking to find home accessories since there is an overload of artificial flowers and  fabrics in every shade known to man displayed in the store front. But little by little I've noticed decorative pieces mixed in with the arts and crafts overload. To my surprise I was visually tantalized by the beautiful display of house goods..

I was loving this British flag three drawer side table. Highlight this artistic piece by placing it in a heavy traffic area in your home. The aged look along with the design would be an interesting accent in your home.
Another British themed piece. What a fun and clever wine rack design!
And it just kept getting better. I love these trunks! Another interesting idea to add to your home. I would use these in my living room as end tables and of course storage. Or use them as night stands in your bedroom.
Beverly's had an abundance of accessories that I personally think would be great for filling large gaps in book shelves. Any one of these accessories would add visual pleasure to a boring book display.

I'm a sucker for clustered displays of merchandise. There is something so visually pleasing when I see gorgeous accessories so well coordinated in the display. I get so locked into staring at displays that I forget what I was supposed to buy. If my daughter wasn't with me on this day, I would probably linger for a good two hours just creepily staring.
These Buddha statues were my favorite and I love how the decorative turquoise vases are mixed in.
 French country section..
I made a pit stop at Ross and found this lovely turquoise bench. A perfect seating area in a mud room or foyer. The clean lined bench in a bold non-typical bench color adds a dash of style to a bland space. I put my MGSIMPLESTYLE stamp on this bench.

 Row of Buddha's.
Decorative bookend.
Onto TJ Maxx.  

Perfect lamps for a coastal room theme! I love the detailed lamp base and the print on the shade is a perfect topping.
Coastal, or simply chic decorative pieces? The curvature in these are so feminine. 

Soft colored country tables. The perfect sized table to add in a foyer; place a decorative vase with fresh flowers and your guests will be instantly greeted with your personal style.
 more of Buddha.
Check out the fun print on this piggy bank. Snug this little fellow in between a stack of books to accessorize that book shelf.
Wood carved ottoman. There is something rustic and masculine about this piece. A great accessory to add to a "man room"
More cluster displays. I love the soothing green color of these frames. Frames are yet another great addition for filling spaces on a book shelf or if small enough you can find stylish frames such as these to use for a bedside gallery.

These were beautiful! And the best part is they were only $5 each. I should have snagged them as I'm sure with that price they are no longer there. That's the thing about bargain shopping; you have to get it while you're there so you don't have sleepless nights of regret for that bargain piece you failed to follow through with. So from one bargain hunter to the other, go with your instinct. If you love it, GET IT!

Beautifying your home is more accessible and affordable than it was a decade ago. Don't think that just because a room is beautifully decorated that its full of  pricey pieces. There is a sea of affordable home decor available at mainstream retailers fit for your style and budget that I am happy to highlight and share.~MG