Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

This year flew by too fast! It felt like not too long ago we were celebrating the 4th of July..Now it's Halloween?!? I've been so busy thinking about birthdays, weddings, and baby showers this last few weeks that I didn't even think about actual holidays..The only Halloween decoration I have is a few small pumpkins I placed randomly in my house..To add a touch of spookiness, I placed a small fake spider on one it..

I know its super lame and super plain..but it's all I could do super last minute..Plus it's all I need to put away..
There are other simple decorating ideas that are easy to put away once all is said and done..Just take a look at these ideas..simple yet still festive enough to count as Halloween spirit! 

You don't have to decorate your entire house to get into spirit..Simply pick a spot in the common area of your home and decorate appropriate for whichever occasion..its fun and cool to look at! ~MG

Friday, October 28, 2011


Bookcases don't always have to be a cluttered mess no matter how much or less you store in them. As long as items are placed neatly the entire bookcase will look clean and can also be the rooms new focal point..Check out how these shelves for your inspiration..this one in particular was mine and inspired me to create the same shelving idea in my house
MG Living Room

Take a look at these designers approach to shelf organization...
Love how these are color coded..
File bins and boxes hide the the clutter..and makes it easier to find your stuff!

Kitchen shelves need organizational love too! Keep your kitchen cookware with its matching set and place neatly on shelf for easy access.

No need for a fancy china cabinet when your china set is displayed on open shelves. Each item is displayed evenly making for a crisp and clean look...I love it!

The great thing about design is that you can make things up as you go. When all the items you want are on your shelf step back and check if everything is balanced. If there are too many things in one area of the shelf, move it around. Spread out the big bulky items and combine them with the small and light ones to bring it all together. ~MG

P.S. Re-visit Groft Family/Man Den and check out the bookcases.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Orange and Green or Green and Orange

Sage has always been my favorite shade of green. This has been my color choice for my prom dress, cotillion dress and bridesmaids dresses. There is just something about the soft calming tone in it that sticks. One day my cousin came home with these plates and naturally I just loved the sage colored one. As I was about to wash the dishes I noticed them side by side in the sink and fell in love with the color combo..
 I couldn't help but do a photo shoot...I know I'm a dork..but the colors look great together! 
This color combo prompted me to GOOGLE design schemes and I found all sorts of ideas that I LOVE!

It's so fun discovering new complimentary colors! I can't wait for it to happen again..and I know I will..more to come~MG

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Room

At last! The family room is finished. Although a few more purchases are needed to complete the room (flat screen and computer chair) the major elements of the room are finished. With my love for design, a fierce attitude to get this room done, I was able to complete this family room within just two months! Not bad when everyone who helped out has an already busy schedule. I approached a family member asking if I can use her den to add to my then up and coming portfolio. This was about a year and a half ago. Life happened and my schedule became too hectic to initiate the project. When my schedule stabilized, I asked once again and this time with more serious intent. As soon as she said YES I immediately came up with this draft.

Now clearly this is rough sketch that  I continually try to improve but it was enough to communicate the layout design making it much easier to decide..option 2 it was but there was a slight change. Option 2 from this drawing shows the couch in between the shelves but when the couch actually arrived, the fit was just too snug. So we swapped it with the console and it worked out just fine!

Covering up these wood paneled walls were a must!!!!!
This wood paneling made the room dark and dingy. I wanted to brighten it up but also wanted a warm and inviting color. Most people are afraid of Grey because they think it would be too dark or too dreary but if you choose the right shade it works just as well as any other neutral color. The Oyster was painted on the ceiling in between the lines of the panels. It offset the Grey and made for a great and simple design.

Adding the fabric behind the shelving panel makes it pop bringing your eyes directly to it and everything placed on the shelves. I originally looked into wall paper but this design would have cost $$$ for a whole roll that I wasn't going to use. This simple yet stylish fabric is actually from a bed sheet set I purchased at Ross for just $16! I bought the twin size thinking I was going to have to cut pieces from the flat and fitted sheet..Nope just the flat sheet! I had plenty left over to make pillows.
To save on accessories we made a trip to the $1 store and Joanne Fabrics. I originally wanted black 8 x 10 frames but the I guess those are popular items at the $1. All that was left were these cherry wood frames which turned out to be even better. Went well the color scheme.
Accent pillows can cost you anywhere from $12-$20. From the leftover fabric I had from the sheets and by purchasing one $5 standard size pillow I was able to make a stylish pillow for much less! having both patterns on opposite ends of the room really ties t together.
These curtains were super easy to make! I first bought the fabric with the intent to place them on the shelving panel but it was too heavy of a pattern...and they were too short. Curtain panels are $35 each. This was only $25 for 4 yards! Iron on adhesive tape and curtain rings I already had completed the look!
This spare room had never been redone since the house was purchased so I wanted to make it extra special. No real budget was ever set and I was given the freedom to put all my design skills to a test but I gave them options when it came to color, furniture, and accessories and of course considered price. 

I've worked on projects in my own house but I've had to piece each one due to budget issues. This was my first project I've completed from start to finish and I hope to have many more! ~MG