Monday, February 27, 2012

Lotus Bleu

I found this SF boutique through Yelp and oh how delighted I was to come across such a style! I am so into bold designs these days and coming across Lotus Bleu was a treat!

Skinny Laminx Cushion Collection

Very rarely do you see lamp bases with bold patterns such as these. I love them all!

Exotic rug patterns. 

Cassmidy Mirrors
Inside the Lotus Bleu boutique..

I'm sure all the wild patterns, bright colors, and exotic shapes can steer away those who are weary of such unique designs and may also wonder how in the world can everything work together, but owner and designer of Lotus Bleu, Jeannie Fraise, displays color and pattern combination so well she makes styling her eccentric design pieces seem effortless..

 Liberty Hill Victorian I
This bedroom is a great way to showoff how mix and match fabrics, textures, and colors can be used together. This room seems to have it all; zigzags, floral, plaid in cool and warm colors.

 West Marin Ranch I
 West Marin Ranch III
I love the detailed fabric design of this headboard. A simple change like this in your bedroom will instantly add personality. 

If you're afraid to delve into the brighter side of the color wheel, check out how these rooms were decorated using minimal bold colors and patterns, yet still showcasing Lotus Bleu's signature style.
West Marin Ranch III
The Cassmidy mirror is used as a vanity mirror. Look how it wakens up this small space!

  West Marin Ranch IV
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This is a great example of using minimal color and print. See how the bold color and pattern of the rug can instantly add the POP of color in a room? Adding a few more accessories of the same color polishes off the whole look. The perfect baby step for those afraid to step outside the box when it comes to color.

As always I enjoy coming across unique signature styles designers have to offer. It keeps us interior design fanatics entertained and not to mention bringing our creative design styles to life. I hope you enjoyed viewing the wonderful world of Lotus Bleu.~MG

Friday, February 24, 2012

Trina Turk

I first laid eyes on Trina Turk designs when I worked at a small boutique on Burlingame Avenue, Georgiou. Unfortunately, this boutique closed shop. During my days of managing this small boutique someone handed me a Trina Turk flyer with COMING SOON printed on it. My co-workers and I were immediately drawn to the bold patterned apparel designs. COMING SOON finally arrived opening just a few blocks from Georgiou. So off we go to check out this new boutique; almost everyone on Burlingame Ave seemed to be headed there too. Right off the bat we loved it! Vibrant colors and patterns were evenly spaced throughout the boutique immediately drawing you in to come and take a closer look.
So walking further into the store I find they sell home decor items. Not much but enough for an decor fanatic to appreciate..
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Gorgeous right? The colorful designs will surely wake up any piece of furniture. Bold patterns like these are yet another MGSIMPLESTYLE solution if you're looking for a quick and affordable change in your space. Don't feel like painting your room or rearranging heavy furniture? Choose a couple of bold and bright colored accessories to resolve that dilemma. For example, simply switch out your toss pillows and add a new area rug. The fresh new colors will make huge difference in your space. ~MG

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Finds

It's amazing how quickly we can discover new businesses, designs, styles, and people just by simply clicking on that flashing advertisement link that catches your eye when logged into social networks. I'd like to share with you what I came across just by clicking on one link. This caught my attention while "Facebooking" one day and it lead me to a few great finds!

Beautiful accessories were displayed on the link. You do have to provide your email address which is something that steers me away since I hate getting an abundance of junk mail, but the accessories featured on that one advertisement just had me! I'm glad I signed up because Joss & Main is an interior decorator's heaven!
Check out these great accent pieces from their Safari Chic Event. 
Hotel Maison Lafayette Dining Chair
Magnussen Furniture Urban Safari Nightstand

Global Bazaar Pillow in Orange and African Mod Tunisia Pillow
These are actually from their Villa Home Event but fits well with the African Chic accessories.
Sphinx Zanzibar Safari 
Zebra Pillow
angelo:HOME Crawford Sofa

Retro Leaves Wallpaper
Wayborn Geometric Pedestal Table
Global Views Zig Zag Table
4 Piece Lasaro Mirror Set

photos via 

Anything from the Safari Chic collection will add a eye catching and complimentary piece to your home. Plus they are simply gorgeous. I  could surf through their site and add my favorite pieces from each event but I would be here night and day!

Onto my next find, Joss & Main feature Curator's; top interior designers, stylists, chefs, celebrities, bloggers, and visionaries on their site to showcase their collections. This is how I discovered my next find; Sam Allen Interiors. One of the youngest interior decorators, decor style is one that I favor, simple, polished, and clean.

photos via 
I love his refreshing style! For being 19 years old, he has a very mature yet refreshing style.

Onto the next. While reading Sam Allen's About Me, I learned that at just the age of 12 he met his mentor Sarah Kaplan, owner and founder of Dovecote, a home decor boutique selling 19th and beyond  century furniture and furnishings. So I delved into her site and discovered her fabulously chic and stylish decor.

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If you're an interior decor enthusiast like me, you know what a score it is to stumble upon so many fresh new looks in one day. More visually beautiful finds to come. ~MG

Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Wall Molding

DIY time: I've been meaning to blog about this DIY wainscoting. A DIY duo tackle wall moldings on their own showing a step by step guideline on how they successfully completed this lovely architectural detail. I absolutely love this custom looking wall molding and I think anyone looking to give their flat lifeless walls some attention, this is a great solution! Thanks achadosdedecoracao.blogspot for sharing this fabulous DIY project. For step by step details on this project check out

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Design Where It's Least Expected~Airline Trolleys

Another great discovery and find. Who knew that airline trolleys could be useful in spaces other than the narrow aisles of an airplane. knew exactly what they were doing when designing these stylish trolleys. The Germany based company offers fun and one of a kind storage units revitalizing its industrial appearance to artistic creations. Fit for any space (really any), you can choose from a selection of playful designed trolleys, or customize it with your company logo. 

Take your pick..Choose from any of these stylish designs to add that interesting accent piece to your home.

Check out this trolley. Used as a mobile cappuccino station i'm sure you and your guests will appreciate. 

Customize a SkyPak trolley to showcase your company logo and take to your next marketing event. The unique mobile storage will surely grab the attention of the crowd.
 This is one my favorites. Use it as a mobile bar in your house. Move it wherever the party goes keeping you and your guests entertained!

 Excellent space saver great for students or for anyone living in a confined space.

 All photos via

These stylish trolleys are a great addition to any space. Move it around anywhere in the house or keep it stationary. Either way, it's a unique and unexpected find that will spark an interest in your home for you and guests to enjoy. For more on SkyPak trolleys, visit the above link. Hope I helped you find that missing decor link in your home. ~MG