Saturday, February 23, 2013

MG's Master Bedroom: Before and After

Happy Saturday! I have been meaning to share my before and after of our bedroom for quite sometime now. I introduced our home from my very first post which explains the disorganization and scattered decor shown in these before photos. And although it isn't 100% (lighting) I think its ready to be showed off. My bedroom is a place where hubby and I can tune out the outside world, sink into our cozy bed and just relax! Here are the before and after shots of our room...
Entrance before


Kelley Moore Paint Color: Roanoke ::ceiling color::
Kelley Moore Paint Color: Open Road ::wall color::

My hubby and I try to be minimalists and considering how much stuff was in the room before we cleaned it up, we definitely wanted a clean, refreshing and comfortable style. 

The accents.
I tried to make this room as gender neutral as possible. After all, it is a woman and a man sharing this bedroom and although I do like a masculine styled bedroom, I still wanted to maintain balance..
My personal touch to the space. This Ikea vase had the perfect neck to hold my bangles. 
Since we're both more on the spiritual side of things, it was necessary to have Buddha in the room..


Simple bedside decor. These lamps added style to this simple vignette. Scored these at Marshall's for $26/each!
Keeping personalization to a  minimal..what hubby reads
My wisdom rock; words of encouragement. I rotate this on each side from time to time.
Reading material
The lovely view from our bed..but only lovely when its not foggy!

I approached this room decor like I would for any redecorating project; on a budget! Once I got my base bedroom pieces in, it was time to bargain hunt..

I found this 4-piece wall art set at Kohl's for $5!
This is one of my favorite pieces in the room. I found this one of a kind original canvas halfway hidden amongst other art at the Goodwill for $5!
I love the swirly texture. It was the perfect hanging piece above my dresser. And to think this was probably going to sit there for who knows how long, unappreciated. The saying is so true. One man's junk is another man's treasure. This WOman sure was lucky!
This was another awesome find! This is a wine rack I found in the clearance section at Kohl's for $15! It made for another perfect piece in our room. Kohl's quickly became my favorite place!

DIY framed wall art. These 20 x 26 frames cost me $10 for all 3 at SCRAP. I purchased 2 large pieces of handmade paper and cut them in half.
I started this herringbone pattern with a pencil and went over it with a Sharpie. The art in the middle was my take on the zen enso. I used a plain old plastic cup (the red party cups) roughly tracing around the cup then going back and freehand tracing to create thicker areas.
Free hand linear patterns
Once my lighting is up, the room will be complete! Your entire home should be your oasis, but your bedroom is your ultimate getaway. It's where you can hide and let go of the outside chaos that presently surrounds you. Leave all that at the foot of your bedroom door and RELAX!

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