Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Serious Potential

At last! My first post! After months of putting "the blog" on hold, I finally completed my last set of courses for my degree plan and have no more excuses of not posting anything on  MGSIMPLESTYLE. I'm really excited to start this new chapter and get the ball rolling on my interior design plans...
This first photo is of my first big project..Grandma house..just a quick background..
After 7 years years of being in the military, my hubby got out of the Air Force and after 4 years of living in Germany (Europe has A-mazing decor..more on that later) we made the big move back to the Bay Area. Months before our return to the U.S. the deal was set; we were to move into Grandma house. Now I must admit I was incredibly hesitant to accept the offer to take over the home at first. Let's just say it lacked the tender love and ORGANIZATION that a home so desperately needs and the home was filled with various odds and ends in every corner of the home. But after a lot of thought and careful planning, I came to realization that the house had a lot of potential. With an extremely small budget and a two month target to get the home move in ready, we were able to turn this once overwhelmingly cluttered space into our own little oasis.

Living Room I Before 
 Living Room I After
 Living Room Fireplace Before
  Living Room Fireplace After

 Living Room II Before
 Living Room II After

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