Saturday, February 9, 2013

San Francisco Rental by Kyle Schuneman

Flipping through the pages of this months Sunset Magazine Issue, I came across a beautifully decorated San Francisco half duplex designed by Kyle Schuneman. In the article Kyle states,“Even in a rental, it’s about making a space that works for you,” a statement I can relate to. As a renter myself, I believe that no matter what your housing arrangement is, owned or rented, the space is YOURS so make it your oasis...and in this case Kyle did just that...
I love the subtle masculinity of this living room. He used plush furniture in warm tones for an end result of pure coziness and comfort. Check out that couch! Doesn't it make you want to skip all your day plans to just snuggle up?!
What I love about this room is that it was designed on a budget. Check out the shelves behind the couch made with plumbing parts and lumber making for an industrial style. Buy a bookshelf like this from Restoration Hardware and you may have to miss next months rent..
Although the space is small there is always something that draws your attention. For me its that classic home bar up against that striped accent wall. 

I love the simplicity in style and decor that Kyle so cleverly expressed in this home and the best part is no major deconstruction is needed when its time to move out. For details on how this space was decorated check out this months Sunset Magazine issue. For more on Kyle and his portfolio visit I am now a fan of his work!

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