Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Fashionista Dressing Room

I search high and low to find my favorite design styles that match the MGSIMPLESTYLE design approach and I'm glad to finally find another perfect match. Meet Mai from acupofmai.com . Not only is her blog title cute and clever but her budget DIY dressing room is full of stylishly chic traits any fashionista would adore..

A well planned room from layout to decor..But don't be intimidated..I'm sure at first glance this room looks like a pricey makeover but going back to my statement of me finding decor that fits the MGSIMPLESTYLE design approach..I help break it down to those who don't believe this room is an affordable design. Now, the great thing about designing a room with a specific purpose, such as a dressing room, is you will have most of the items needed to complete the design only having to purchase some key pieces to help bring the room altogether.

These plain garment racks look spruced up when the best outfits and accessories are hung on wooden hangers..you can purchase a garment rack for as low as $20 and a set of 30 wood hangers for $37 @ walmart

I absolutely LOVE how she framed designer shopping bags as wall art. The shopping bags are works of art on their own..they're made with good quality material (even for just being a shopping bag) with the designer logo and maybe a touch of artwork..so why not save it and show if off!

This bold zig zag (or chevron) patterned rug adds a statement in the room. This is a popular pattern that can be found in most retail stores..The cheapest one I found is $78 from wayfair.com.

Here she perfectly displays cosmetics by using a cosmetic organizer and tray..Although this 7 drawer cosmetic organizer can run you into the triple digits, you can find similar styles at your local retailers for a lot less.
Either way, cosmetic organizers are a girls best friend..especially when you're like me and scramble to run out the door everyday.

A closer look.I like how she adds small accessories in fitting spaces. This Louis Vuitton clutch is easy to locate and small enough to lay on her vanity. There is a place for everything.
 Brilliant!..not to mention the aroma of the coffee beans adds the unexpected..
We all have shoes and storing them in cubed shelving allows for a well organized and easy to find place. No more spending that extra 10 minutes looking for the matching pair! You can find an affordable storage unit such as this in stores like Target or Michael's.
style source via
I love the simplicity of the decor and if there were a love button I would be clicking it for every picture! 
I truly enjoy coming across refreshing DIY styles such as this one. It's the simple changes that make for a refreshing style.~MG


  1. Greetings from the UK! .. Im in love with your dressing room! Im moving house soon and will be having my own dressing room and cant wait to make it look pretty, got some great ideas from you and your entire blog gives a lot of inspiration!


  2. Hello Aisha! Wow I'm so happy to know that my blog reached international viewers =) The room is actually not mine. It's from acupofmai.com (link above) I share DIY home decor from my fellow interior design enthusiasts who share the same home decor philosophies as me; I break down the style concept persuading viewers that style is a do-able feature in any space at any budget. I do have a few projects of my own and a few more to share soon so stay tuned. Thank you for viewing my page and I am so happy to be spreading interior decor inspiration. Feel free to message me for any questions. I would love to help and feature my suggestions on an upcoming post =)~MG

  3. This is really a fantastic dressing room. The colors are really gorgeous and the patterned floor is a winner. I also love that much natural light is coming in which gives it a more spacious feel. Thank you for sharing this post. Several individuals who are thinking of having closets Bergen projects of their own will certainly appreciate this! Please keep on posting.

  4. Hi Dianne! Thank you for your kind words and for motivating me to keep posting =) I'm glad you enjoyed my share. ~MG