Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky Green

Happy St. Patty's Day! I've come across many posts today about decorating your house green and of course I would like to add to the hot topic of the day. Green actually is one of my favorite colors...more so sage and mint green.  Now, I would never decorate my entire house green; painted green walls, furniture, accent decor pieces, etc, unless of course I was a Leprechaun. However, adding pops of this fun color would definitely brighten up a room..I had a lot of fun this morning creating a design board collecting accessories in different shades of green. Start off your spring decorating adding any one these gorgeous accessories that would be perfect for getting into the St. Patrick's day spirit but can also stick around through summer. 

in this picture:layla grace: terrene green cream indoor/outdoor rug trina turk: greek key green hook rug
zig-zag village green elemeno pillows  trina turk: needlepoint shanghai links pillow pisa 19" pillow
geo print green pillow
in this picture: west elm arm chair nori green stripe place mat stoneware container lid hr/15 minute glass cargo element caddy pop green candle holder green bowls:unknown

Choose as many or as little accessories to add either subtle hints or bursts of green. For the subtle hints, add in a few toss pillows and maybe a green lampshade, add in a green armchair, or choose wall art with minimal green patterns. For a burst of green, paint a wall your preferred shade, add a bold area rug along with adding splashes of different accessories throughout your room. You you can't go wrong if you choose the right pieces and spread them evenly throughout the room. 

Having a hard time picturing it? Here a few rooms with subtle hints.. 
A few toss pillows..
Green accent chair and toss pillow..
Green accent furniture like this dresser
A gallery wall with hints of green
 Don't limit style in your kitchen. These mint green chairs brighten this white space instantly.
More pops of green..
A green couch is not your ordinary couch color but it's not as loud of a color if you compliment it with neutralizing tones ..This designer did a great job!

Here is your burst of green. Choose a brighter shade with bold texture.
This room screams Spring time! I love the sage green painted walls with splashes of bold color in the toss pillows and ottoman, accent chair, and table accessories.
The accent arm chair balances out the bright theme wall. 

Green isn't a typical color you come across in a home but done moderately and it will give your space a refreshing and very unexpected, yet delightful surprise to your guests.~MG

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