Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy DIY Wall Pattern by JGW Interior Decorating

Happy New Year MGSimpleStyle followers =) We all survived the holidays! Before the year ended I came across an amazing wall pattern I had to share. Justina G.White is an aspiring interior designer behind JGW Interior Decorating who I have been following in the last year. Her recent project of the graphic wall pattern painted in an in-between space of her home is so unique and well coordinated that I had to ask how long it took. To my surprise this was a very easy project.

 Photos courtesy of JGW Interior Decorating

"I had wanted to do a wall pattern for some time, I wanted to do it in my bedroom as an accent wall. I played over different designs for a few months but couldn't think of anything original. The other night my daughter was coloring and I decided I would doodle a few patterns. I already had the supplies: frog tape, 1/2 pint of black semi gloss paint by Behr, roller, and paint brush (I have all this because I'm supposed to be redoing this antique desk I bought at a thrift store). I thought of a pattern that I liked and then I just started putting frog tape on the wall. It took all of maybe one hour. I put up the tape then took a picture to see if the lines were about even. I left the tape up over night because it was late when I started, the next night I painted the triangle shapes, I let the paint sit for 30 minutes and then took the tape away nice and slow, and there you have it!"~Justina 12/30/12

I love the finished result! A common shape placed in such an irregular pattern makes for a unique style. The black paint gives it a glamified presence and compliments her surrounding decor. This is proof that a splash of style is affordable and can be added in any space. A great example of a low budget project and the perfect additive for that extra wall space in your home.

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  1. I love these! I'd really like to have a patterned wall in my office. In times of digital transformation almost every inch of the office is covered with computers and screens, which is why it's so important to remember about decorating the space to create a warmer atmosphere.